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French meringue cookies have a deep connection to my childhood. They’re sweet, c…

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French meringue cookies have a deep connection to my childhood. They’re sweet, crispy, and fluffy inside.

You only need three ingredients, but it does require some skill and patience. I will give you tips for making the best meringue possible.

French meringue is known as the easy one because it does not require a heating process. I think it is a bit tricky to conquer the right amount of whipping at each stage.

▪️Tip n°1: separate your eggs while they’re still cold. Egg white must be room temperature before you start working with them, but it is easier to separate when they’re out of the fridge.

▪️Tip n°2: the older the eggs, the better. Older egg whites are thinner and will whip quickly and create more volume than thicker egg whites.

▪️Tip n°3: Separate the eggs using your hand as a colander. Crack the egg on the kitchen counter, not the edge of the bowl. With this, we avoid puncturing the egg yolk. Lower your fingers underneath the yolk and gently lift it out of the bowl, letting the whites drip down.

▪️Tip n°4: the smallest amount of egg yolk will ruin your meringue. So make sure you’re working with pure egg whites.

▪️Tip n°5: measure your egg white, and use the double in sugar.

▪️Tip n°6: Beat to soft peaks before adding sugar, then to stiff peaks with the sugar.

▪️Tip n°7: Prepare and bake your meringue right away.

▪️Tip n°8: bake at low temperature and slow, and most importantly, do not open the oven door. To get the best result, bake at 100°C for 45-55 min, then turn off the oven and let the meringue cookies hang there for 20 min.

▪️Tip n°9: if you do not have tartar use lemon juice. I skip this step. Because my mom never uses it. So, that’s how I learned to make them.

▪️Tip n°10: pimp your cookies by adding nuts, color, or flavors. Just remember to add them at the very end and without resting air to the meringue.

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